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To remove the baffles and veils, it seems, requires us to step out side of ourselves and see with a bigger view. Humanity is in a learning condition and we seem to be getter closer in same ways and further apart in others, toward unity. When we see the whole we realize we are not separate but an aspect of all there is, seen and unseen. We then work only for peace and are thankful for whatever happens, no matter what. We serve.


Speaking of diversity, people have lost sense of what 'diversity' is. Instead of two different people living and working together, it's now become two differents living and working in the same space, only 'tolerating' eachother. Tolerance is great, but to tolerate is just the beginning, right? You have to embrace, and (in a perfect world) accept, and HAVE GRATITUDE for the diversity presented to you. I mean...to love is one thing, to have openly express and have gratitude is another completely.

In 'I'd Rather Teach Peace' by Coleman McCarthy, he says something about the seven Ghandian techniques of conflict resolution. One of them is paraphrased as, 'It's not you against me, it's you and me against the problem.' You mentioned political parties at odds with one another, and this is a perfect example of where somebody should think of a little Ghandi first: shouldn't those political parties be working together to make the country better, instead of going against eachother with their own political and personal agendas? Even in Congress, you have Democrats sitting on one side of the room and Republicans on another, just to physically demonstrate that they are separate, when in reality both of those parties and the system of Congress itself were created to further our country, the GREATER GOOD of the country. How is it the greater good when such a large majority of politicians seem to be fueled by money and power more than helping the country (not that I know any of them personally to prove this point...)? This baffles me.

Just a thought.


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