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Frank Gaudé

Thanks, dougbhajan, for your thoughts. Sounds to me you are on the mark.



It's taken sometime to find a short enough response...Many people in this IT,media,printed word era do not understand the many thousands of years of rich oral tradition of Native Spirituality used to explain that at the beginning of All was the One,and from that all Sacred Diversity unfurled,all interrelated and part of the Sacred Communion of the All.Our intellect has enabled us,especially in sciece to discover so much of the processes of this universe of particle/wave/matter/time creation.There are some who can only comprehend the levels of humanities explanations of all this,each has his or her own level.God is above our intellect,but in the heart and Spirit is the Truth that is...God

robbert steer

If string theory is true (or 'proven'), time become negative (in a relative sense), before the Big Bang. This makes all the sense seen in a spiritual light.
God is Alpha & Omega, the Godly powers comprehend the full cycle from the smallest element (possibly strings), to the infintely expanding universe.
In other words God has always been and will alway be, which might be hard to relate to for the human mind, guided in a time & space dimension frame. Note the similarity to Inayat's Music of Life 'My sole origion is sound aka vibrations.'

Frank Gaude'

In my opinion, that's the primary function of Life, learning. And this learning covers more than meets the eye.

Eric Cabot Steed

My sincere apologies. Three times I attempted to embed a URL link within a comment- Without success. Here we go again. If you go to my URL http://singulus.typepad.com/generation_z/ you will note an entry, near the top of that page, containing an active link to a related book on the subject. Again, My humble apologies. Life, Is in fact, A Learning Experience. Is it not?

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