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Frank Gaudé was born in south Louisiana of Cajun French descendant parents, graudated from LSU in June 1954 with a Bachelor's degree in Physics. Photography a main hobby. Moved to California on graduating, making a life in Santa Monica. Met Betty in July 1954, married after about 18 months. Had four children, Cynthia, Michelle, Joseph, and Suzanne; worked mainly for aerospace defense contractors, Douglas, Hughes, Northrop, etc.

Frank studied the works of Gurdjieff, Ospensky, and Nicoll. Worked on self under two Kahuna (three-self) teachers. Rode fast motorcycles; tamed a wild horse. Founded a software company named Echelon Inc., sold in 1989. Retired from making a living in 1988, then moved to South Lake Tahoe, becoming a graphic designer, a hobby and small business until 1995. Moved to the Sierra foot hills in 2002, lives presently in Cameron Park east of Sacramento.

He became interested in the Universal Sufi path as taught by the late Hazrat Inayat Khan of India. Still at it, following the Message of Love, Harmony and Beauty he presented.


working as a volunteer in local hospitals, and learning what non-dualism (unity), photography, love, graphic design, peace, bicycle riding, t'ai chi and qi gong, harmony, and beauty are about.